William Auten's first novel is currently under consideration with agents, and his work has appeared in Blast Furnace, Drunken Boat, failbetter, Hayden's Ferry Review, Literary Salt, Nimrod, Notre Dame Review, Sugar House Review, Sycamore Review, Terrain, and other publications.

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21 February
Very grateful to announce that “Tread,” my short fiction, will be published in Saturday Night Reader, a Canadian journal.

31 January
Although the agent has too much on her plate right now, an encouraging rejection from one of the UK’s biggest lit agencies, which noted that my submission stood out from the others, sits well with me. Thank you, Karolina.


31 December
It was a very good year for work:
**Finish first novel
**Submit first novel to agents
**Write at least 5 short stories
**Submit short stories to 100 journals
**Start second novel
Here’s to those of you who supported me. Hold on: 2015 will be bigger.

28 October
After nearly a month, edits to my novel are now complete, and I am ahead of schedule. Next up: finding its home with an agent and a publishing house. Thank you to my readers for your feedback and, most importantly, your time.

28 July
My new novel has been sent to my trusty band of readers. Onward.

22 July
My new novel is written. 555 pages. Now it's time for editing and revising.

30 June
Chapter five is complete, which means my novel is halfway finished.


14 February
A video of my reading at the Bridgewater International Poetry Festival is available. Read more >>


1 December
Notre Dame Review has provided a Web extra featuring an audio version and a commentary of my poem "House on the Quay" in the winter issue.

1 October
Hawai'i Review will publish my poem "We Would Call It 'Hard Zen'" in the winter issue.

15 August
Notre Dame Review has released no. 34 (summer/fall 2012), and my poem "House on the Quay" is in the issue. Read more >>

29 June
Sugar House Review has released no. 6 (spring/summer 2012), and my poem "Were I the heavy" is in the issue. Read more >>

15 May
Drunken Boast has released issue 15, its first issue for 2012, and my poem "Dominion," along with audio, is within. Read more >>

2 May
Terrain has graciously published "Dusk on the Sandias" and "With Wolves," along with audio, for issue 29: Migration. Read more >>

5 March
A video of my reading at University of Louisville's 40th annual Literature and Culture Conference, 24, February 2012, is available. Read more >>

12 February
Terrain will publish my poems "Dusk on the Sandias" and "With Wolves" in the April issue.

24 January
Notre Dame Review will publish my poem "House on the Quay" in the July 2012 issue.

10 January
The audio version of "Terrible Infant" has been published in Blast Furrnace 1, no. 4 (2011). Read more >>



28 December
Just received word that Blast Furnace will publish the audio version of my poem "Terrible Infant" for issue 4.

28 November
Sugar House Review will publish my poem "Were I the heavy" in the spring/summer 2012 issue.

5 May
Drunken Boat will publish the poem "Dominion" in an upcoming issue.

11 April
Newly redesigned Web site launched.



30 March
"How just like the navy" published in failbetter, no. 35 (2010). Read more >>



8 December
failbetter, no. 33 (2009), publishes the following paintings below. See more >>
Mountain 1
Mountain 2
Mountain 3
Mountain 4



31 January
www.mygoodeyeclosed.com [the old Web site] is now closed. Thanks for the memories.



1 July
Beatrice published in Hayden’s Ferry Review, no. 38 (2006). See more >>



15 February
Serenade and the Song Remains Sound chosen by Sycamore Review for their promotional postcard at the 2006 Association of Writers and Writing Programs annual conference. See more >>

1 February
Serenade and the Song Remains Sound published as the cover for Sycamore Review 18, no. 1 (2005). See more >>

9 January
failbetter, no. 19 (2006), publishes the following paintings below. See more >>
William? Mr Blake?
Noctis Equis



31 December
Aurora Review, winter (2006), publishes the following paintings below. See more >>
Old Dragon, Old Familiar
Mary I
At the End of the River Was a Voice and Another

1 October
Big Tex[t] 2, no.1 (2005), publishes the following paintings below. See more >>
Deo de Deum I
Deo de Deum II



11 November
"The Names of Things" published in Nimrod 48, no. 1 (2004). Read more >>

1 September
"At the End of the Century" published in Liteary Salt, no. 4 (2004). Read more >>