Short Fiction


A Fine Day Will Burn Through

Hollywood and Japan. The South and Midwest. Outer space and back home. Past and present. Myths and truths. Expectations and desires. Animals and humans. A storage locker and a softball game. A school play and an art installation. A bar mitzvah and an old tattoo. William Auten’s new fifteen-story collection A Fine Day Will Burn Through (includes stories first published in Thoughtful Dog, BULL, museum of americana, The McNeese Review, Barely South Review, Slush Pile Magazine, and Valparaiso Fiction Review) bridges cultures and explores how people of all ages try to reach for—and sometimes miss—each other. In circumstances both mundane and surprising, these characters wend their way through a contemporary world of excess and restraint, noise and silence, urgency and patience, regret and grace.

Fire In Hand Media


286 pages

ISBN (print): 9780578866567

ISBN (ebook): 9780578866604


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Some books of short stories are all the same. Not this one. Each story is different: a different main character, different plot, different situation the characters find themselves in. An excellent book—both stimulating and therapeutic.

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Barely South Review (2019 Norton Girault Literary Prize in Fiction), Bluestem, BULLCrab Orchard ReviewThe Dead Mule School of Literature, District LitGravelIlluminations, McNeese Review, the museum of americana, PermafrostSequestrumSliver of StoneSlush Pile MagazineSolstice, Split Lip, Superstition Review, Tupelo Quarterly, Valparaiso Fiction Review