Inroads release date and cover and October – Quarterfinalist for Coverfly’s ScreenCraft 2023 Cinematic Book Competition


I’m pleased to announce Inroads, my second short-story collection, will be published on 23 March. Below you’ll find the cover and synopsis.

Inroads: Stories – William Auten

Extraordinary stories about ordinary Americans. A stock-car driver gets money any way he can for his son’s birthday present. A girl meets a horse for the first time. Two firefighters help each other while a storm delays their camping trip. A museum employee is asked to monitor her colleague. A boy wavers saying goodbye to his friend. A super receives an evening call from an elderly resident. A brother decides between the family business or his estranged wife. A daughter delivers a memento to her mother. After losing his main income, a craftsman continues supporting his grandsons…and more.

Thanks to the following publications where versions of stories in Inroads first appeared:

“Dioramas,” Tupelo Quarterly

“Creek on the Right,” The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature

“Moonflowers,” Illuminations

October – Quarterfinalist for Coverfly’s ScreenCraft 2023 Cinematic Book Competition

I’m pleased to announce October (my third novel that came out in 2021) has advanced to the quarterfinals of Coverfly’s ScreenCraft 2023 Cinematic Book Competition.

Hollywood has a history of transforming books into film and television, and Coverfly connects writers to industry professionals. The Cinematic Book Competition’s judges look for stories (novels, novellas, and short stories) that can be adapted for the screen. Past winners sold their work to studios and worked as writers for Universal, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and CBS; winners also signed with literary managers and agents.

This is a great opportunity for a larger audience to discover my work.

October: A Novel – William Auten

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