Pepper’s Ghost Second Edition Cover, Release Date, and Advance Readers’ Copies

BEHOLD THE GORILLA-GIRL! Charlotte Alexandra Long is determined to leave all she knows: her ill-fitting office job, her unreliable boyfriend, and the city she has lived in since adolescence. But leaving that life requires leaving her haunted father who wants nothing but the best for her yet reminds her of a past he’s not readyContinue reading “Pepper’s Ghost Second Edition Cover, Release Date, and Advance Readers’ Copies”

Happy Halloween: “Christ Air” on Substack. Plus: Pepper’s Ghost second edition update.

A mother retrieves her son’s birthday gift from diabolical hands. I compose myself and follow the route my map suggests and stand under a sign shaped like a fist jammed into a pig’s backside. The metal gate creaks open, and out steps a family of four dressed in black except for the daughter dressed likeContinue reading “Happy Halloween: “Christ Air” on Substack. Plus: Pepper’s Ghost second edition update.”

Pepper’s Ghost Second Edition, 2024 Coverfly’s ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Competition, and Inroads on hoopla

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“Daymark” – Substack

A woman faces her fear while photographing the Outer Banks. She steps inside the door cut into the lighthouse’s red base and slides over for visitors stepping off or onto the staircase spiraling up toward the keeper’s quarters and beacon. A ranger notes the one-million bricks used for building the lighthouse, summer temperatures inside canContinue reading ““Daymark” – Substack”

“Cornerstone” – Substack

Before continuing down the hall, Becker slows his cart past the dining room and signals Outside to Von sitting at the back. Von nods, smoothes his toupee—black, a swoop of shine in the middle, and stacked high like a microphone waiting for God—and, patting his chest, raises his hand; he grumbles but stops himself from faking chestContinue reading ““Cornerstone” – Substack”

“Like Land Does” – A story from Inroads

A few semis cruise through the parking lot or rumble alive. Landscapers take a break from mowing. A delivery-truck driver jabbers with them before loading a dolly. No one honks at me to have my pump or pulls into empty stalls. My legs are already numb from the first hour of sitting—a few more left.Continue reading ““Like Land Does” – A story from Inroads”

Inroads: Stories – Now Available

I’m pleased to announce Inroads, my second short-story collection (and fifth book), is now available. Thank you to everyone who helped produce and promote this. Extraordinary stories about ordinary Americans. A stock-car driver gets money any way he can for his son’s birthday present. A girl meets a horse for the first time. Two firefighters helpContinue reading “Inroads: Stories – Now Available”

“Clean Slate” – A story from Inroads and NetGalley

Inside the SUV, Gerald uncovers his phone from beneath a stained and wrinkled copy of the festival’s schedule highlighting the Tasting Grand Prize and its amount; in the margins—Mark’s calculations for new equipment, additions to the brewery, more marketing; on the reverse side—Gerald’s scribbles and ideas for labels and brands. But the screen flashing NEWContinue reading ““Clean Slate” – A story from Inroads and NetGalley”