Consolidating Social Media – “Bye!”

I am consolidating most of my social-media platforms (“Bye!”) and will no longer be posting updates and stories via Facebook. But I’d be tickled pink if you kept up with my work, which you can after joining my Substack newsletter. As a free subscriber, you’ll receive in your email inbox my newsletter and previews of new stories. As a paid subscriber, you’ll receive my newsletter and access to new stories. Paid subscribers also have access to the archive.

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I love sharing my stories (fiction short and long) and updates for readers. My fiction focuses on Americans and American culture. I believe that extraordinary stories are about ordinary people and that Main St. and the local are more vital than Wall St. and the global. My interests in the Western humanist tradition; classical learning; and science also influence my work: curiosity, creativity, and clarity.

Homo sum; humani nihil a me alienum puto. [I am human; nothing human is alien to me.]

—attr. Terence (trans. Maya Angelou)

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