“Raise the Dead” – Substack

A young father wrestles with his newborn’s baptism as the date approaches.

The church Jamie has planned for Lena’s baptism is down there, and I have to remind myself it’s not about me, but about the things I once believed, and when that Sunday comes, it will ask me to wear a mask for a moment—for my daughter. It’s not my old church from my youth. It’s where I used to go to with Jamie, and it hasn’t gone anywhere, but I have. I haven’t seen it after we got married there and stopped going to the class for young couples balancing bills and babies. Whether I’m awake or asleep or at work or home, whether I hold Lena or anything from the road, I’ve been seeing it everywhere I go—ever since Jamie wanted to put Lena’s life in the church and I haven’t.

William Auten – “Raise the Dead”

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