“King Tide” for Patreon Members

“King Tide,” my first Patreon post, is up and available for members. The 1,885-word story centers around a family celebrating their child’s birthday before a King Tide arrives.

At the top of the stairs, I yell at Keith that we have to hurry and go now because the time has changed. My heart races. My head throbs. I can’t tie my shoes any faster. His dress shoes clack on the tile, and the liquor cabinet clangs. I yell again while he probably downs one shot before we leave. His cologne enters our bedroom before he does. Loosening his tie, he asks what’s going on, and I throw my head toward the television. “They’ve upped it by fifteen minutes.” My legs shiver from being in bed all day. I had waited for him to wake me until it was time for us to see Cody.

“King Tide” – William Auten

Happy Thanksgiving—and be thankful for all that you have including the folks who put their lives at risk for us. And don’t forget to buy and the spread the word about my latest novel In Another Sun, available from Tortoise Books.