A Fine Day Will Burn Through – Cover and Layout Preview for Patreon Members

Get a first gander at the cover for A Fine Day Will Burn Through: Stories by joining Patreon. Hollywood and Japan. The South and Midwest. Outer space and back home. Past and present. Myths and truths. Expectations and desires. Animals and humans. A storage locker and a softball game. A school play and an artContinue reading “A Fine Day Will Burn Through – Cover and Layout Preview for Patreon Members”

“Home Improvement” Audio and Text for Patreon Members

Starting with floors and paint, he renovates the kitchen after a month of smaller projects while he’s on leave. But do we need track lighting? his wife asks. Their yellow lab stands half sentinel, half coworker who never works because of drink, food, nap, or bathroom breaks. William Auten, “Home Improvement” “Home Improvement” (1,000-word shortContinue reading ““Home Improvement” Audio and Text for Patreon Members”

“King Tide” for Patreon Members

“King Tide,” my first Patreon post, is up and available for members. The 1,885-word story centers around a family celebrating their child’s birthday before a King Tide arrives. At the top of the stairs, I yell at Keith that we have to hurry and go now because the time has changed. My heart races. MyContinue reading ““King Tide” for Patreon Members”

Patreon Page Now Available

William Auten Patreon page is now available. Through a subscription-style payment model, Patreon members contribute a monthly amount of their choice in exchange for exclusive access, extra content, or a closer look into the creators’ journey. This model is a win-win: Creators retain creative freedom while receiving support, and members know their money directly fundsContinue reading “Patreon Page Now Available”