Inroads: Stories – Now Available

I’m pleased to announce Inroads, my second short-story collection (and fifth book), is now available. Thank you to everyone who helped produce and promote this.

Extraordinary stories about ordinary Americans. A stock-car driver gets money any way he can for his son’s birthday present. A girl meets a horse for the first time. Two firefighters help each other while a storm delays their camping trip. A museum employee is asked to monitor her colleague. A boy wavers saying goodbye to his friend. A super receives an evening call from an elderly resident. A brother decides between the family business or his estranged wife. A daughter delivers a memento to her mother. After losing his main income, a craftsman continues supporting his grandsons…and more.


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Fire In Hand Media

232 pages

ISBN (print): 9780578866581

ISBN (ebook): 9798986092706

Because a book’s success can thrive on word-of-mouth and grassroots marketing, I’m asking you to help spread the word about Inroads. One of these following actions from you can positively impact me and my work:

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Early reviews include:

5 out of 5 stars. An amazing book of short stories. Some will sure to make you smile, and some will bring a tear. The stories touch on young, old, losing, winning, and how to keep loving.

4 out of 5 stars. An intriguing collection of short stories that open your mind to other people’s lives and their dilemmas. All the short stories are well written and a delight to read. A well put together collection by an accomplished author.