“Cloudbreak” Now Available in Crab Orchard Review

And when it does finally happen, it’s a welcome interruption, the summer solstice less than one week away, more sunlight now shining through, the sky turning blue, and the look and feel of a spring day in the Midwest is present all over again, coming back, returning to the front, having been always present but obscured. And it is the weather that has been the talk of the town of Lincoln, Nebraska, the weather and its effects taking no responsibility for its actions, falling down in dramatic fashion without absorbing any of the guilt, rain having pelted the roofs of houses and farmlands, the long smoke-drawn clouds in the sky, back roads washed out, ditches flooded. But then such is the weather, inescapable, observable, described as it happens.

“Cloudbreak” now available in Crab Orchard Review, volume 22.