“FOMO” Now Available at The McNeese Review

Today at ten in the morning, Mr. Snickerdoodle isn’t having much to do with the scenery and the commotion and the crew and the props passing back and forth in front of him so many times that neither his tawny eyes nor his tufted ears can keep up with electrified people and things scurrying to and from various places, at least not where he sits, stressed out, having plopped himself on his rear end in a kind of protest, tail convulsing, dropping down onto the dusty floor, the smoke-black tip never touching the ground, tail sharply rising again in a spasm whenever voices shout or wheels squeak or metal clanks metal or another backdrop painted like an evening rattles by.

“FOMO” is now available at Boudin, the online home of The McNeese Review. A heartfelt thanks to Chris Lowe and the MR staff for finding a home for this story.