October – Coverfly’s ScreenCraft 2023 Cinematic Book Competition

I submitted October (my third novel that came out last year) to Coverfly’s ScreenCraft 2023 Cinematic Book Competition. Hollywood has a history of transforming books into film and television, and Coverfly connects writers to industry professionals. The Cinematic Book Competition’s judges look for stories (novels, novellas, and short stories) that can be adapted for theContinue reading “October – Coverfly’s ScreenCraft 2023 Cinematic Book Competition”

hoopla Digital

My recent novels October and In Another Sun and the short-story collection A Fine Day Will Burn Through are available as ebooks for checkout at your local library through hoopla Digital. They provide digital content (movies, TV shows, music, audiobooks, comics, and ebooks) to public libraries and their patrons across North America, and their uniqueContinue reading “hoopla Digital”

October – Cover and Chapter One Excerpt for Patreon

Now available for Patreon members: a preview of my forthcoming third novel’s cover and chapter one excerpt. Not every photo tells the same story, but the place in Saul’s looks less like a place and more a story everyone knows. Similar places in other parts of the world hold a similar message in fields likeContinue reading “October – Cover and Chapter One Excerpt for Patreon”

In Another Sun Praise – Alice Kaltman

Beautifully rendered and mesmerizing, In Another Sun is a book to treasure. This story is a gift of words, strung together like beads on a twisting strand, leading us forward and backwards through Vanessa Ochoa’s life. Her reflective journey is an ode to time and grace, a story of lives intersecting and loves lost, of treasured connectionsContinue reading “In Another Sun Praise – Alice Kaltman”