“Skeleton Key” – Substack

A super receives an evening call from an elderly resident in need. “Anything else I can help you with?” I asked Mrs. Hix another time through her door.” “The annual spikes in rent. They smother us like clockwork.” “I know. I’m sorry, but that’s out of my hands.” “Then I’ll give you more. I needContinue reading ““Skeleton Key” – Substack”

October – Cover and Chapter One Excerpt for Patreon

Now available for Patreon members: a preview of my forthcoming third novel’s cover and chapter one excerpt. Not every photo tells the same story, but the place in Saul’s looks less like a place and more a story everyone knows. Similar places in other parts of the world hold a similar message in fields likeContinue reading “October – Cover and Chapter One Excerpt for Patreon”

“All Clear” – a Bigfoot Yarn

The radio’s song scratches back into the truck’s speakers. Gerry adjusts his ballcap and shifts into gear. The twin mufflers reverberate underneath the license plate printed with CHEROKEE NATION and the dinged fender stickered with 9/11 NEVER FORGET and International Association of Fire Fighters. The country singer sings how killing time is killing him untilContinue reading ““All Clear” – a Bigfoot Yarn”

“Bloodsuckers” on Patreon for Father’s Day

“Come on. Let’s check the Four-Zero.” “Bloodsuckers,” William Auten As soon as the rusted lock clicks off and the barn doors open, more hot moisture billows around them. Matt pushes back his ballcap. Winches, tools, sawdust soaking oil spots, and fiberglass clippings litter the broken-up concrete floor. Water plops from the ceiling and slides offContinue reading ““Bloodsuckers” on Patreon for Father’s Day”

A Fine Day Will Burn Through: Stories Now Available

Summer’s gonna be great when you got two books out there. Now available A Fine Day Will Burn Through (Fire In Hand Media), which is a solid compliment to the novel In Another Sun (Tortoise Books). Get one or both, but go on and get ya some! Includes pieces first published in the following journals:Continue reading “A Fine Day Will Burn Through: Stories Now Available”

“Transplant” – A Fine Day Will Burn Through

“Friends,” he said, smiling at me. “Not wanting with anything else. Just sit under the stars as two good people. I’m on my way to get somebody in my life, but I am certain that cannot be because of my supervisor Chef. Double Mikes and Ms. C.S. would have a big roll of fair ticketsContinue reading ““Transplant” – A Fine Day Will Burn Through”