“King Tide” for Patreon Members

“King Tide,” my first Patreon post, is up and available for members. The 1,885-word story centers around a family celebrating their child’s birthday before a King Tide arrives. At the top of the stairs, I yell at Keith that we have to hurry and go now because the time has changed. My heart races. MyContinue reading ““King Tide” for Patreon Members”

“Moonflowers” Now Available in Illuminations

If he could plant flowers on the moon for her, he would—lilacs in craters’ shadows, roses in grayscale cracks, and daisies (among her favorites) facing the long, rough edge fading into space, their yellows and oranges spiraling in front of endless black; and if he could spell her name on that same surface, he wouldContinue reading ““Moonflowers” Now Available in Illuminations”

“Creek on the Right” Now Available at Dead Mule School

All but one of the horses stand in the stable. Shielding the fireplace’s glow, Tom double-checks the window. Often in winter light and in sightlines from the living room to the pasture, the palomino can disappear. William Auten, “Creek on the Right” “Creek on the Right” is now available at The Dead Mule School (“No good SouthernContinue reading ““Creek on the Right” Now Available at Dead Mule School”

“Start of the Season” Now Available in Valparaiso Fiction Review

Something about a tattoo he had and wanted to talk to her about while they stayed on the cape. Not wanting to make a big deal about it, but he wanted her to know. From his youth, he said, smiling when he mentioned this feature, which she had not yet seen, somewhere on his body.Continue reading ““Start of the Season” Now Available in Valparaiso Fiction Review”

“Dioramas” Now Available in Tupelo Quarterly 20

Out of the butterfly room, they wander, turning the corner until the curator stops them in front of the animals. A mother clicks her stroller’s brakes. Across from her, a man arrives last, floats near the back, and continues glancing at the butterflies. He wears a small sticker stamped with the American flag. “Dioramas” isContinue reading ““Dioramas” Now Available in Tupelo Quarterly 20″

“Many and Many a Year Ago” Now Available

“Many and Many a Year Ago,” the winner of the 2019 Norton Girault Literary Prize in Fiction from Barely South Review (Old Dominion University), is now available in the Fall 2019 (11.1) issue online, for purchase on Amazon, and for my family and friends back in Virginia, may be in select bookshops. Congrats to fellow contributors and thanksContinue reading ““Many and Many a Year Ago” Now Available”