“Modern Cosmology” Now Available in Permafrost 40.2

Callbacks and acting gigs went dark about six months ago, and Bryan feels responsible because ever since he arrived in the City of Angels, he’s been highly selective with the roles offered and available to him, and given the current stalemate of no light breaking through this long fabric of nightfall, he’s not sure thatContinue reading ““Modern Cosmology” Now Available in Permafrost 40.2″

“Inertia” Now Available in Twisted Vine

“M’ijo, we need to talk.” Javy’s head dropped under the shadow of the front porch. He could see the dark living room and his bedroom’s window open, the summer breeze pushing back the curtains. Coming home, he thought he would be alone, everyone else out to watch a movie. He palmed his deck until theContinue reading ““Inertia” Now Available in Twisted Vine”

“Crane and Hoist” Now Available in BULL

Poor Joe Riggs. Time has slowed to a deceptive taffy-stretch for him while he waits for rescue, and any subtle shifts in him or in the crane could worsen the mishap. He had been looking forward to finishing the recent job for his company Franzen Bros. Heavy Equipment, LLC, Let Us Do The Lifting ForContinue reading ““Crane and Hoist” Now Available in BULL”

“Martingale” Now Available in Slush Pile Magazine

First thing she starts in about after the two of them break away from the others—her calling out his name, telling him good morning and how happy she is to see him again and then rubbing the soft slopes of his neck and leaning over his right ear, whispering, her voice’s volume rising when she’sContinue reading ““Martingale” Now Available in Slush Pile Magazine”

“Cloudbreak” Now Available in Crab Orchard Review

And when it does finally happen, it’s a welcome interruption, the summer solstice less than one week away, more sunlight now shining through, the sky turning blue, and the look and feel of a spring day in the Midwest is present all over again, coming back, returning to the front, having been always present butContinue reading ““Cloudbreak” Now Available in Crab Orchard Review”

“In Transit” Now Available in Ponder Review

The train made its way through the rain falling on the plains. It had a certain smile about its grill that made it seem as though stopping wasn’t an option, that it planned on skipping whatever series of destinations scheduled for it. This, of course, is what stunned the lovers inside. “Bob!” she shouted, andContinue reading ““In Transit” Now Available in Ponder Review”