“FOMO” Now Available at The McNeese Review

Today at ten in the morning, Mr. Snickerdoodle isn’t having much to do with the scenery and the commotion and the crew and the props passing back and forth in front of him so many times that neither his tawny eyes nor his tufted ears can keep up with electrified people and things scurrying toContinue reading ““FOMO” Now Available at The McNeese Review”

“Little Pierre” Now Available at Bluestem

Nearby, the battalion nicknamed Heartbreakers had discovered an entrance underground that had slipped by the rest of us searching the property. It was a small hole that looked like an air vent; a lithe man could slip in, which is exactly what we volunteered Pierre R. to do. “Little Pierre” is now available in Bluestem. ManyContinue reading ““Little Pierre” Now Available at Bluestem”

“Modern Cosmology” Now Available in Permafrost 40.2

Callbacks and acting gigs went dark about six months ago, and Bryan feels responsible because ever since he arrived in the City of Angels, he’s been highly selective with the roles offered and available to him, and given the current stalemate of no light breaking through this long fabric of nightfall, he’s not sure thatContinue reading ““Modern Cosmology” Now Available in Permafrost 40.2″

“Inertia” Now Available in Twisted Vine

“M’ijo, we need to talk.” Javy’s head dropped under the shadow of the front porch. He could see the dark living room and his bedroom’s window open, the summer breeze pushing back the curtains. Coming home, he thought he would be alone, everyone else out to watch a movie. He palmed his deck until theContinue reading ““Inertia” Now Available in Twisted Vine”