October – Coverfly’s ScreenCraft 2023 Cinematic Book Competition

I submitted October (my third novel that came out last year) to Coverfly’s ScreenCraft 2023 Cinematic Book Competition. Hollywood has a history of transforming books into film and television, and Coverfly connects writers to industry professionals. The Cinematic Book Competition’s judges look for stories (novels, novellas, and short stories) that can be adapted for theContinue reading “October – Coverfly’s ScreenCraft 2023 Cinematic Book Competition”

“Touch and Go” – Substack

During the descent, her father stretches supine in the clouds—the wings carving out his wrist, elbow, and arm and the bed sheets wrapped around him before breaking down into seams when the plane touches down with summer baking the tarmac. Margo fidgets in the doorway, the sun noon-high, but smiles her best and clears herContinue reading ““Touch and Go” – Substack”

“End of Day” – Substack

While her colleagues quit en masse, an employee weighs her departure. Three colleagues from the marketing department jog by Lyssa: Maribeth pops thumbs-up while she wobbles in her heels; Michael, last summer’s part-time intern hired as full-time, claps while he giggles; and the third, Lyssa has seen wearing a new outfit every week, dashes offContinue reading ““End of Day” – Substack”

“Yellow Brick Road” – Substack

A summer-camp counselor is responsible for putting on a play. The gym doors fling open, kids rush in, and trudging to the water fountain, Matt fills his bottle, careful not to touch the nozzle where every camp kid drooled, sneezed, or sucked on. He towels off, his wheezing slowing, the constriction easing but not lettingContinue reading ““Yellow Brick Road” – Substack”

“Confluence” – Substack

A sister struggling with PTSD requests something from her brother. She turns off the flashlight and fidgets with it like she’s saving it for other places. “The bear called the power company.” She turns for the fridge and downs a pitcher of purple liquid. “Those thunder cracks were so loud,” she says after gasping. “AndContinue reading ““Confluence” – Substack”